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As a homeowner, you have a lot of things on your mind. One thing that probably isn’t among them is the condition the inside of your drain lines. Your drains are one of those things that is just there, and you never really focus on it unless something serious happens. All the while, debris and grime accumulates on the interior walls of your drain lines, creating a nasty concoction that can significantly slow or even entirely stop your drain lines from flowing. While descaling and cleaning can rectify the issue somewhat, they never fully restore your pipe to like-new condition. That’s exactly what pipe lining does, and that’s why you should consider a pipe lining service to rectify your issue.

Pure Plumbing offers premium local pipe lining plumbing services that eliminate grime and give your drains the fresh, clean start that they need. For older homes with drains that have seen far more waste, this service can save you a ton of frustration and headaches that come from clogs in lines caused by grime and waste buildup. We know the intricacies and unique details of plumbing systems found throughout the Dallas metroplex, and we use the latest tools and methods to complete a pipe lining service that will keep your drains in great condition for many years to come.

Learn more about pipe lining and schedule your drain cleaning service by calling Pure Plumbing at (469) 242-6477 today.

What Is Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining is a great way of essentially “repiping” your drain and sewer system without ever actually tearing any of the lines out of your home. That means less collateral damage, less frustrating rebuilding, and significantly decreased time and effort. The process is great because it works for nearly any drain or sewer line, including those as small as around an inch in diameter and those up to four inches and larger.

Pipe lining is a pretty simple process. After conducting a video inspection to determine the condition of your line and see why it keeps clogging, our technician goes through your line with a jetting tool, which cleans out the inside of the line for good. Once the inside of the line is clean, an epoxy-imbued liner is pulled through the drain line by a special tool. Once in place, the line is inflated like a balloon and allowed to dry and harden. Once the hardening process is completed, the liner forms a new drain pipe that is supported by the skeleton of the old line. This creates a strong and more durable replacement drain without pulling the old line out of the wall or running any new lines whatsoever.

When Should I Have My Drain Pipes Lined?

You should consider relining your older drain lines that struggle with clogs and blockages. Once drains reach a certain age, the wear and tear of general use can cause even a high-quality line to bog down with grime. While this age varies from home to home, depending on use levels and the type of waste that your drain handles, drains will generally start to struggle with more frequent clogs roughly around the age of 30 to 35 years. Some drains may need attention sooner while others may be able to go for may additional years without issue. However, at approximately age 30, we recommend scheduling a video inspection service for your drain line. Likewise, we also recommend caring for your drains by staying away from chemical drain cleaners and avoiding putting potentially damaging or toxic substances down the drain.

Is Lining Right for Me?

It is important to note that pipe lining isn’t a viable option for all types of drains. Drains that have fallen into too great of a state of disrepair cannot be fixed by lining, as doing so will only cause the liner to form in an improper shape. Likewise, lines that are inflicted with major leaks, were never built properly in the first place, or have code violations that need to be removed should be replaced entirely rather than relined.

Not sure if lining is right for you? No problem! We can help you make that determination for yourself. The Plano pipe lining team at Pure Plumbing can conduct a thorough inspection and give you the information you need for your pipe relining project, including helping you determine what parts of your drains can be relined, what you might need to consider, and more.

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