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Reverse osmosis Water Filtration in Plano, TX

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If you have ever compared the taste and texture of tap water to the water that comes from a purified jug or bottle, the difference is unmistakable. This is because tap water isn’t necessarily as pure as you might think it is. While tap water is deemed “clean” and safe for consumption, bathing, cooking, cleaning, and more, it might surprise you to learn exactly what might be in this water that is flowing throughout your home. Metals like lead and mercury, chemicals like pesticides and detergents, and even bacteria and viruses that have been known to cause serious diseases can all be present. Even if they are in extremely small quantities, nobody could blame you for wanting to go the extra mile and purify your water even further.

Here at Pure Plumbing, we understand the necessity for pure water. We know what’s in your tap water, and we want to help you eliminate it. Our team can outfit your home with a comprehensive water filtration system that removes impurities, inclusions, and all types of debris, leaving you with nothing but the purest and greatest-tasting water you can get. We work with some of the industry’s leading names to offer premium products, and our friendly technicians offer thorough and dependable installation that ensures that your water delivery remains consistent and reliable. We offer new system installations, repairs and maintenance for established systems, and even updates, upgrades, and more! And we do all of it while providing great customer service that truly cares about your home and your property.

Start getting the pure and clean water you have always wanted! Call Pure Plumbing at (469) 242-6477 today and schedule your water analysis and installation quote.

Eliminate Hard Water with Water Filtration

Hard water is by far the most common water problem here in North Texas. This is the name given to the condition where water coming into your home contains high levels of mineral content, giving it abrasive qualities. Hard water is generally easy to spot—your shower head and faucets will quickly become covered in a chalky white substance known as limescale. Our water is notorious for containing high levels of minerals, including calcium and magnesium, that form this limescale.

A water filtration system removes this mineral content through a series of filters designed to draw the particles out of the water. Even though the minerals are dissolved in the water and may not be visible to the eye, these filters are exceptionally good at removing nearly all traces of mineral content, and that leaves your water pure, clear, and delicious.

Healthier Water at Affordable Prices

Are you sore from hauling heavy flats of disposable water bottles home from the grocery store? Are you sick of paying high prices for clean water? Pure Plumbing understands and we want to help. A water filtration system can provide you drinking-quality water for mere pennies per gallon—a significant savings over store-bought water. Plus, you’ll be eliminating plastic waste from your home by using reusable cups and water bottles. Likewise, with little to no required maintenance, these water filtration systems are a stress-free and easy way to enjoy cleaner water without the high price tag.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis water filtrations are small, simple solutions for those who want clean drinking water but don’t want to make the large investment in a whole-home water filtration system. Reverse osmosis systems use a series of permeable membranes to filter out virtually all water inclusions, including hard water minerals, soaps and detergents, and so much more! These systems are small (they fit under the sink in most homes), affordable, and generally extremely easy to install. While they can only provide a limited quantity of water, they can often produce more than enough drinking water for the average family’s cooking and hydration needs.

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