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Is It Time for a New Main Water Line? Here’s How to Tell

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Your main water line is the central component of your plumbing system, providing you with a steady supply of clean water. It is often the case that people do not give much attention to their main water line until it starts causing issues. Over time, your water line will deteriorate and may start to fail, leading to complications like low water pressure or even a complete loss of water supply.

So, how do you know if it is time for a new main water line? This blog will explore the signs that the time has come for a main water line replacement and what you should expect.

Signs You Need a Main Water Line Replacement

Your main water line is the backbone of your home’s plumbing system. Without it, you won’t be able to wash clothes or dishes, take a shower, flush the toilet, or even water your lawn. It’s safe to say that life would become a lot more challenging, if not impossible, without a functioning main water line.

However, just like any other component of your home, your main water line has a lifespan. Although it’s built to last long, wear and tear over time can cause it to deteriorate or even break. Let’s go over the most common signs that it is time for a new main water line.

Reduced Water Pressure

Low water pressure indicates that something is amiss with your water supply. A drop in water pressure is one of the most common signs of a damaged main water line. Over time, the minerals in your water deposit on the interior walls of your pipes, leading to a reduction in water flow, which eventually leads to low water pressure.

Discolored Water or Rusty Pipes

Rusty pipes or discolored water are tell-tale signs that it’s time for a main water line replacement or repair. Discoloration or rust in your water could mean that the water line running into your property has corroded and the rust has spread into your water supply.

Puddles of Water in Your Yard

Puddles in your yard could indicate that it is time for a new main water line. Over time, the ground under your water line may erode, causing the water line to buckle or crack. This can cause water to seep out of the pipes and result in puddles of water forming on the edge of your property. Tree roots can also infiltrate the water line, causing the water to leak out.

Excessive Water Bills

If you notice a significant increase in your monthly water bills, it could be because of a leaking or damaged water main line. Even the slightest crack or hole in your water line can leak a substantial amount of water, leading to astronomical water bills. It’s a good idea to contact our emergency plumbers in Dallas as soon as possible to determine if a main water line replacement is needed.

Random Pipes Repaired

If it seems like you’ve had to repair several pipes in your home in recent years, it could be an indication that your main water line has seen better days. When your water main line requires repair or replacement, other pipes in your home may be affected as well.

Schedule Your Water Line Replacement With the Experts

All in all, it is essential to pay attention to the early signs of a failing main water line, as the cost of ignoring them might outweigh the cost of having it replaced. Low water pressure, rusted pipes, excessive water bills, and discolored water are some red flags that something is amiss.
Is it time for a main water line on your property? Turn to the professionals at Pure Plumbing for a main water line replacement in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We believe that the quality of our work is a reflection of our company and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you need a new water line installation or a trenchless sewer repair in Dallas, we will work diligently to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today!