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Sometimes the land above ground level isn’t quite enough space for everything you want. Basements and underground areas of buildings are extremely useful for a variety of reasons, and while they are not common here in Dallas, those that exist need to be protected. Water that is absorbed by surface soil trickles downward and can severely damage or even flood underground rooms, and that’s why it is crucial to have a reliable sump pump system you can count on to be there for you. At Pure Plumbing, we offer sump pump repairs, inspections, and replacements to keep your underground areas safe, plus customer service that has been widely regarded as exceptional by customers throughout the areas we serve.

At Pure Plumbing, we understand the importance of keeping your property safe, both above and below ground. We know that a sump pump issue can lead to disastrous consequences in a short amount of time, so we offer fast response and reliable solutions that keep you safe and protected all year long. We treat your pump and your property with the same integrity and care that we would show our own system, and we always aim for your total and complete satisfaction. We do everything we can to make our service visit as convenient and stress-free, including offering same-day services so you can get help with those urgent issues as well as emergencies that happen after hours.

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Why Are Sump Pumps Necessary?

The majority of plumbing systems are powered by one of two things: water pressure or gravity. Water pressure can push water along pipelines and out to areas where it needs to be. This pressure can propel it up to certain heights, along lengthy distances, and more, which is how water lines typically don’t have a problem reaching everywhere in your home. For drains, gravity is typically what carries water from point to point. Slope in drain lines helps water flow out to where it needs to go. However, gravity would require water collected in your sump basin to be located above the height of your water drain, and basements typically are located several feet below this level.

This is where your sump pump comes in: when water collects in your sump basin, the sump pump pressurizes the water and forces it up a drain line where it can meet up with the rest of the water collected in your perimeter and storm drains. From there, gravity can finish the job and carry the water out to the storm water collection system.

Because the weather in North Texas can change rapidly and flash flooding is a very real problem in a number of places, soil can quickly become waterlogged. When it does, water quickly seeps into underground structures and can fill a sump basin in mere minutes. This is why a sump pump needs to constantly be on standby in working condition—to protect you and carry away collected water on a moment’s notice. If your sump pump isn’t working, schedule a repair service with the DFW-based sump pump repairs team at Pure Plumbing today.

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New Sump Pump Installation​

If your sump pump has worn out beyond repair, reach out to the pros at Pure Plumbing right away. We offer sump pump replacements for both pedestal and basin-mounted units, ensuring you have the perfect system to keep you protected. All of our replacement units come from some of the industry’s leading name brands, ensuring long-lasting and dependable protection for your property as well as your total and complete satisfaction.

We also offer maintenance for sump pump systems as well. If you want to make sure your underground space is protected, we recommend an annual inspection and tune-up service for this all-important unit. This service will test your pump, check for leaks, test for pressure levels, and make sure that your collected water can be quickly and properly disposed of. That way a surprise rain storm or sudden deluge won’t threaten your underground space.

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